Photography Conference & Workshop Speakers

We’re so happy to have an amazing line-up of ladies who will be speaking and teaching at our I Heart Faces Photography Workshop!

2014 Guest Instructor

Keri Meyers Phoenix Newborn Photographer, Keri Meyers, is a multi-award winning newborn photographer and educator. Keri’s work had been featured in OK Magazine, MSN Wonderwall, Mozi Magazine, Professional Photographer’s Magazine, BabyTalk Magazine, Chic Magazine, Millers Professional Imaging and others.

Past clients include Simon Helberg & Jocelyn Towne (Big Bang Theory), Ian & Erin Ziering (Beverly Hills 90210, Sharknado), Megan Fox (Transformers, This is 40) & Brian Austin Green (The Wedding Band, Beverly Hills 90210) and others. See more celebrity work at

Keri also the cofounder (with partner Jennifer Blakeley), a supportive environment for newborn photographers to meet, share images and stories, learn from one another – and most importantly unite the industry as a whole and market the importance of hiring a professional newborn photographer.

Website: Keri Meyers Photography
Facebook: Keri Meyers Photography
Instagram: @KeriMeyersPhoto

I Heart Faces Creative Team


I Heart Faces Photography Conference - Dallas, TexasAngie Arthur

Angie Arthur is Co-Founder of I Heart Faces, a professional photographer and former teacher living in Ohio who has been recognized by Parent Magazine as a top mom blogger for her website

Angie is a busy wife, mom of four children, dog, cat and various farm animals that her children raise for their 4-H Club. The love of capturing her children in photos is what sparked her passion for photography. After many years of learning about her camera and working in various photography niches, she now specializes fusion photography for high school seniors, families and corporations in a new business that she just recently started with her sister, Drew Riley. Angie is a natural teacher and can’t wait to meet the amazing women from the I Heart Faces community to share her knowledge and passion for photography with them.

Blog: The Arthur Clan & Angie Arthur Photography
Facebook Fan Page
Angie on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest


Amy LocurtoAmy Locurto

Amy Locurto is a Creative Director and DIY lifestyle blogger from Dallas, Texas. Along with being co-founder of I Heart Faces, she publishes and designs a line of whimsical party collections at Printables by Amy. She started her career as an art director for Fossil and eventually opened her own designer firm in 1999.

Amy still runs a design firm and also collaborates with companies on creative content. Amy has worked with brand names such as Universal Studios, Parents Magazine, Best Buy, Wayfair, National Geographic, HGTV, Juicy Juice, Michaels Stores, 3M, FedEx Office, Reader’s Digest, Disney, The Pioneer Woman and been featured in many magazines and websites.

Last year Amy launched a signature product line Party with Amy Locurto for American Crafts. Her collections include paper products and embellishments for parties, card making, crafts and scrapbooking.

Amy ‘s expertise is creative marketing, branding, blogging and photo styling. She’s excited to share her business secrets at the I Heart Faces Photography Retreat!

Website: Living Locurto
Facebook: Living Locurto
Amy on Instagram: @LivingLocurto, Pinterest and Twitter


I Heart Faces Photography Conference Speaker - Rachel Durik

Rachel Durik

Rachel Durik is a wedding and portrait photographer based in Southwest Florida. Self-taught in pursuit of good blog photos, Rachel quickly excelled in photography and became a member of the I Heart Faces creative team less than a year after purchasing her first DSLR. As the former “bad picture taker of the family”, Rachel firmly believes that anyone can be taught to become a good photographer. She has since taught hundreds of aspiring professionals in workshops across the country and internationally, specializing in Lightroom and Photoshop training. In addition, Rachel teaches online courses in Lightroom and Photoshop. A former high school teacher, she is an active homeschooling mother of three adventurous children.

Website: Savor Photography
Blog: Savor Photography Blog
Facebook: Savor Photography
Instagram: @racheldurik


I Heart Faces Photography Conference Speaker - Keli Hoskins

Keli Hoskins

Keli Hoskins is a self-taught “life photographer” residing in sunny South Carolina with her husband and three kids. She spends her days listening to the sound of laughter and tears and arguments and whispered secrets and silly giggles while surrounding herself with bright colors and music and books and coffee. She captures it all as a way to embrace her everyday life and give thanks for the little blessings that she doesn’t want to take for granted. Her photography is full of life and light and memories that her kids will treasure for always. When she’s not photographing or running, she blogs about her princess-and-dump-truck-filled life at Kidnapped by Suburbia.

Website: Kidnapped by Suburbia
Facebook: Kidnapped By Suburbia
Instagram: @kelihoskins



I Heart Faces Photography Conference - Columbus, OhioJulie Rivera

Julie Rivera is first and foremost a wife and mother who is extremely happy to take beautiful images of other people’s family and children. She is a natural light photographer specializing in family and children’s portraits since 2008. Being married to an Army soldier forces her to be creative about how to run a profitable business in ever changing locations.

Julie took a year off from client work while her husband attended  school and is resuming her business when they reach the next duty station. In the meantime, she is using the time to learn and study and watch all the things she never had time for when clients were calling and sessions were happening. Oh, and she also takes daily pictures of her two girls. Or twice daily. Or as much as they will let her.

Website: Julie Rivera Photography
Blog: Julie Rivera Photography Blog
Facebook: Julie Rivera Photography
Instagram: @juliehrivera


I Heart Faces Creative Team Member - Andrea Riley -

Andrea Riley

Andrea Riley, a photographer and teacher from Ohio, has the distinct honor of being the first follower of I Heart Faces. She has been an enthusiastic cheerleader as she has watched the site blossom into an incredible resource for beginning to professional photographers.  Andrea has taught special education classes at the middle school level for fourteen years, and she loves to apply her teaching experience when writing tutorials, teaching at workshops, and interacting with other photographers in the I Heart Faces Community.

Andrea started her own photography business in 2011.  Her photography experience mixes well with her teaching career as she can often be found with Canon in hand capturing portraits of the Students of the Month, action shots at sporting events, and the chaos of pep rallies and Tailgate parties.  Photoshop Elements has become Andrea’s area of expertise. She also enjoys working in Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 3. In December of 2010, Andrea received her Master’s of Education in Instructional Technology with an additional certification as a technology facilitator.  When not in the role of photographer or teacher, Andrea enjoy spending time with her husband and three children.  They love biking, boating, and playing with their dog, Copper.

Website: Andrea Riley Photography
Facebook: Andrea Riley Photography
Instagram: @drewmark19

I Heart Faces Photography | Creative Team Member | Heather Rodriguez Photography

Heather Rodriguez

Heather, owner of Heather Rodriquez Photography, has a laugh and personality as contagious as her commitment toward capturing authentic moments in everyday family life through her photography. In her family and children portraiture business she is a devotee of the use of natural light, as well as familiar surroundings when it comes to getting the right shot.

“My desire is to show you how great those times are in your everyday life,” says Heather. “You don’t have to pull out the matching outfits or even comb your hair for the pictures I take. I want to show you the genuine essence of those wonderful family moments, and give them back to you in a way you will cherish forever.”
With a heart has big as her talent, Heather also serves as Board member and photographer for GiGi’s Playhouse-Syracuse.

Website: Heather Rodriguez Photography
Blog: Heather Rodriguez Photography
Facebook: Heather Rodriguez Photography
Instagram: @heather_rodriguez_photo


Adrienne Zwart - I Heart Faces

Adrienne Zwart

Adrienne Zwart is a child and family photographer serving the Akron/Canton, Ohio area. She’s a nature-loving mom of three amazing kids and one fluffy cat who thinks she’s a dog. Her love for photography started with a love for the photographs themselves. When she was a little girl, she would sit and leaf through the family photo albums over and over again. Adrienne loves a good story,  and believes every good photograph has one.

Along with being a talented photographer, Adrienne is an important part of the I Heart Faces team! As the Associate Editor of, she helps manage and brings to life the amazing tutorials and photography articles you read daily. Full of knowledge about photography and blogging, Adrienne is happy to share what she’s learned throughout her career.

Website: Adrienne Zwart Photography
Facebook: Adrienne Zwart Photography
Follow her on Pinterest.


I Heart Faces Creative Team Member - Becky Leatherman Photography -

Becky Leatherman

Becky Leatherman, a photographer and social worker from Pennsylvania, has been supporting and participating at I Heart Faces since the we first started. Becky has loved watching the I Heart Faces community grow and thrive. Becky has been a social worker in Philadelphia for 13 years. Becky loves meeting and interacting with the many photographers who visit I Heart Faces and has always been our biggest fan!

Becky has been taking pictures of children and families since 2010. Becky enjoys street photography and takes pictures often of the city scenes she observes each day. Being a mom to her 14 year old son is Becky’s favorite thing in the world. Kaishon enjoys having his picture taken less and less as he grows, so she has to be sneaky. Becky’s favorite way to shoot is photojournalistically. She believes real life is beautiful.

Blog: Life With Kaishon
Facebook: Becky Leatherman Photography
Instagram: @lifewithkaishon
Google+:Becky Leatherman Photography



Past I Heart Faces Photography Conference & Workshop Speakers

It was a dream of ours to host so many talented, creative entrepreneurs, bloggers, authors and photographers at the past Heart Faces Photography Conferences and Workshops!  See who’s attended our events in the past…

I Heart Faces Photography Conference Speaker - Sue Bryce

Sue Bryce

  • Australian Portrait Photographer of the year 2011
  • New Zealand O/S Photographer of the year 2011
A one of a kind photographer, creative entrepreneur, teacher and speaker. Sue Bryce’s wealth of knowledge, advice and fantastic story will encourage you to soar to new heights.

Sue Bryce has been a Portrait Photographer for 22 years and has spent her career shooting Glamour.  When all others turned their backs on this old style genre Sue evolved it, modernized it and then built a beautiful business out of it.  From humble beginnings building her own boutique Studio in her country garage in 2003 to creating her successful high volume inner city Studio & Make up room a year later.  Sue redefined Glamour Photography. A strong believer in the Business of Photography, modern marketing concepts and mad posing skills have taken Sue abroad these last 2 years Educating Photographers Internationally.

I Heart Faces Photography Conference Speaker - Kelle Hampton

Kelle Hampton

Kelle Hampton is an incredible story teller. Kelle’s book, Bloom, became a New York Times Bestseller in its first week of publication! She will inspire you with her story and how photography has made a huge difference in her life.

Photographer and New York Times Bestselling author, Kelle Hampton chronicles the simple joys of motherhood and daily life on her popular blog, Enjoying the Small Things.  She has been recognized as a Babble Top 50 Mom Blogger, and her blog was named The Best Special Needs Blog by The Bump and The Blog You’ve Learned the Most From in the 2010 BlogLuxe Awards.  Kelle lives in Naples, Florida, with her husband, Brett; their two daughters, Lainey and Nella; and her stepsons, Austyn and Brandyn.  Her memoir, Bloom: Finding Beauty in the Unexpected was published April 3, 2012 by William Morrow/HarperCollins.


I Heart Faces Conference Speaker | Tamara Lackey

Tamara Lackey

Tamara Lackey (@TamaraLackey) is a portrait photographer whose work has been described as “expressive, soulful, funny, beautiful” and has appeared in a multitude of publications, from O Magazine to Men’s Journal and Parenting Magazine.  Her imagery has also been showcased on ABC’s The Martha Stewart Show, ABC’s Extreme Makeover:  Home Edition, CNN’s Anderson, and NBC’s The Today Show.
Tamara hosts The reDefine Show, a biweekly web series about the many paths to creative success.  She also co-produced and hosted “Inside Contemporary Children’s Photography” and the Booklist Editors’ award-winning media production, “Capturing Life Through (Better) Photography”.    Tamara speaks regularly at conventions and shows, teaching a variety of courses on creative entrepreneurship, photography, and work-life balance/lifestyle convergence.  The author of five books, her latest two are “Envisioning Family”, and “The Posing Playbook”.

I Heart Faces Photography Conference Speaker - Susan Keller

Susan Keller

Susan is a woman living amongst dudes. Even her dog is a dude. Her three sons (and husband!) are no longer young, pliable, and enthusiastically cooperative . They are not fond of being posed for pictures. And re-dos??? Pshaw. Not likely. The Kellers are a roadtripping family. And they furthermore live in a place surrounded by immense natural beauty. Given these parameters, is it any wonder, that Susan has morphed into a lifestyle/documentary photographer – one with nearly Ninja-level speed abilities in grabbing a picture quickly without exasperating those being photographed. She shoots wide and close and loves to wrap a “landscape” (be it home or the great outdoors) beautifully around people. She’s passionate about documenting a time and place, about observing & capturing minute, intimate details, about telling a story … without necessarily using words.

I Heart Faces Photography Conference Speaker - Jennifer Tonetti-Spellman

Jennifer Tonetti-Spellman

Jennifer Tonetti-Spellman is a natural light, children’s photographer based in New York. After working in publishing for 10 years, she turned her long time hobby into a business at the start of 2009 and JellyBean Pictures was born. Her work reflects natural images of children that are real, raw, and organic. She fully embraces a philosophy of ‘come as you are’ when filming.

As a previous I Heart Faces creative team member, Jennifer has written numerous photography tutorials and has become a wonderful teacher to the community, helping many people grow and learn more about their hobby and trade.

Jennifer’s {don’t} say cheese manual epitomizes her approach in getting children to smile naturally. ‘If you want natural smiles, you have to be able to make them smile. Children can sniff out a fake a mile away.’ Hence why 90% of Jennifer’s jeans are ripped at the knees from crawling, falling, and sliding her way into laughs. Whatever it takes to capture awesome.

She lives in Wetschester with her husband, daughter and shelter dog. None of them are safe from her camera.


I Heart Faces Photography Conference Speaker - Jean Smith

Jean Smith

Jean Smith is a lifestyle photographer currently living in Michigan with her (also photographer) husband and four little boys. While hoping to specialize early in her career, she quickly realized her true passion in photography is people…all genres of people. So, although she works with babies, children, families, seniors, and couples, her specialty is working with people to capture the love, relationships, and emotion seen in her images. When Jean isn’t behind the camera, she is a professional Instagrammar and self proclaimed world traveler. She spends most of her time planning trips that never happen, eating chocolate that she shouldn’t eat, and forever working on mastering that balance that comes with kids, work, husband, and…life.

I Heart Faces Photography Conference Speaker - Hilary Camilleri

Hilary Camilleri

Hilary Camilleri has become an award-winning and highly sought family and children’s photographer while also developing an impressive commercial portfolio that includes a diverse collection of work for corporations, actors and singers. She photographs nearly 200 sessions a year and has also been featured on many photography-related blogs. Most recently she won best photographer and best photography studio in her region’s annual Reader’s Choice Awards.

Hilary resides in the Kitchener-Waterloo region in Canada.

I Heart Faces Photography Conference Speaker - Melissa Hutchinson

Melissa Hutchinson

Melissa Hutchinson has over a decade of beautiful, evocative images of children and more recently, teen girls and women. Working for 15 years as a model, she was privileged to work with a wealth of photographers and celebrities from coast to coast. A lifelong artist who excelled in painting and makeup, she explored black & white photography and handpainting photos while studying at the University of Michigan to pursue a career in film/television. Photography of her own children was her personal art, and as interest in her work flourished, so did a career. Last year, she was asked to photograph actress Selma Blair and her baby boy in LA, an exhibition of the intimate connection between mother and child for the Get Real for Kids campaign, published on While the heart of her work has always been with kids, her colorful journey has evolved to becoming a voice of inspiration and confidence-building for teen girls and women through photography. She attributes her success to extraordinary observation and the spiritual electricity of connecting; freeing inhibition is her strength. And her secret? Looking at the world through a rose-colored lens~it never fails!


I Heart Faces Photography Conference Speaker - Amandalynn Jones

Amandalynn Jones

Amandalynn Jones is a commercial and portrait photographer in Madison WI. Raised in a family of artists she has been refining the art of capturing the essence of her subjects since childhood. Her work has been featured in books, magazines, ad campaigns, art museums, and on living room walls worldwide for the past 15 years.
Contributing the success of her business and personal artistic achievements to her positive attitude and her artistic Signature Style, Amandalynn creates memorable, engaging images that translate across a diverse variety of client types, and her positive focus on everything from the art of Posing to Dealing with Difficult Clients, strives to bring out the best in everyone.
A combination of plain English and Midwestern common sense, Amandalynn’s way of sharing her knowledge and skills with other photographers makes her a favorite contributor on the IHF Community forum, as a one-to-one mentor, and in live presentations.